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A knowledgeable freelancer with sharp aesthetic instincts, I have been published in two books, several publications, and numerous websites.

The majority of my current clients are in the Information Security sector, because I know about network segmentation and what kind of POODLE is bad for your servers, but I'm adaptable. I love collaborating with people from diverse fields and cultures. When I can, I travel, and my eclectic background has given me the skills to be comfortable in almost any setting. One creative gig even had me writing from a "desk" in the middle of an orchard! 

Unsurprisingly, given my brainy skills, I also love the intersection of culture and technology and thrive in environments where intellectual curiosity is encouraged. That, plus a knack for habituating people to the unfamiliar, has often led me to volunteering at conferences or festivals you like, such as CanSecWest, DEFCON or that loud blinky thing in the desert. (As you might have guessed, I may be a process-loving professional, but I’m not conventional.)

Outside of work, I'm known for my photography, my wit, and my outgoing social nature. I've a penchant for dancing, motorcycles, the internet, blogging, playing with language, and faultless grammar. In life, as in all things, I put my faith in art, science, and common sense.

TLDR: I fight for the Oxford comma.






"I worked with Jhayne Holmes on a short term project and found her easy to work with. She has a good writing style and is quick to pick up new skills. I would definitely work with Jhayne again!"

- Sophie Kravitz,



"Jhayne helped me develop and release some of my most noted and profitable products. She wrote snappy copy, placated difficult customers, and made the business simple. Without Jhayne I wouldn't have had any time to design, instead managing all the minutiae that go into running an online business. "

- Matthew Borgatti, Sleek & Destroy



"I feel very lucky to have found Jhayne to do the work that I have, checking and double-checking the English translations of my work, as she has a quick eye for detail and seems to immediately understand what I want the language to say, even when my French idioms are tricky to translate. Her work is creative, but still very professional. I also like her clear and friendly style of communication, which is extra important as we are buffered by the width of the world's second largest country."

- Michel Lacombe, comics artist and animator





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I provide over a decade of experience working with words; creating, editing, and managing written content for both business and private clients.

You know what you want to convey, but you aren't sure how to say it. You have an idea, but you're not sure how to put it down on paper. That's where I come in, transforming your rough scribbles into polished written content.  Be it a book or a blog post, I understand the intricacies of communication at every level. 

(Spellcheck is a miracle of the modern world, but it doesn't fix everything. Their are many errors that only a human will sea.)

No job is too small, too big, or too weird. Previous projects have ranged from ghost-writing a marriage proposal to creating the process documentation for an entire tech-support company from scratch.

I also have experience writing, editing, and proofing client-facing reports, company policies, cover letters, love letters, instructional materials, novels, on-line help pages, press releases, project & process documentation, résumés, RFPs, short stories, software manuals, support materials, technical documents, web copy, white papers, and more.

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